I do have an loan request question

I got to this board through several different links, including the webring. If you’ll bear with me, I do have an loan request question. I’m looking at a company that is ADAM Cash, Llc it is not a network/pyramid/etc. company because it has a¬†dual marketing arrangement. Having somewhat thoroughly schooled myself in legal vs illegal pyramids, etc.
ad nauseum, I must admit I’m stumped by this. I just don’t see the difference between this marketing plan and any standard network marketing company compensation plan. They seem to think it’s significant that¬†commission checks come direct from the company. Duh, I thought that was the usual way this was done since the computer era began. And, gee it’s funny, but that magic % out there that seems to be the same top dollar earned by the top directors in any cash loan company, is exactly the same figure with this company. Can anyone on this board shed some light on this “dual marketing” system and what, if any, are the real differences between it and a network marketing company? Or do you know of some links that have helpful info? Thanks so much for your help.

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