Dear WtoSeattle Team:

You are doing a very good thing! And as far as my experience goes (please read previous posts regarding TWTW and Vermalife), Vermalife already operates in FL, US and TWTW is working very diligently to expand into and operate within the same countries as Vermalife (Vermalife now operates in 53 countries). You would be an excellent source for your people to find out about TWTW BEFORE they make any real presence in your country. And will not be too hard for them to do this over time because they are ALL Vermalife Distributors so they ALL already are able to do business there; just not using the NWTW system which is the real MONSTER here – credit or legitimate payday loans online no credit check. If Vermalife just sold their products through retail stores, it would be fantastic because their products really are very very good. Unfortunatly, when you combine good products with an PDL system and even worse, a social like NWTW (which simply uses an excelerated system of reaching prospective “victims” all over the United States via mail, suckering and brainwashing them into thinking they’ll get rich in 90 days or less, and then taking them for everything they have) the products are viewed as being garbage and worthless and people start believing the products don’t work.

They use the same general methods of advertising that Vermalife uses, some of which are signs, flyers and ads but you’ll be able to identify them rather easily because they send out these yellow or red (or whatever color they may be using now) booklets that is FULL of testimonies. One the back is a toll-free number to call where you order “training materials” for $450 bucks, but all it is are more testimonies. This is the hook GSHLoans.COM Inc. The rest is too long to explain here but watch out for those booklets!!!! And don’t answer those work-at-home ads that are exactly like the signs!!

In short, let your people know that NWTW is coming their way if not sooner it WILL be later and that if they are smart they’d better just run in the other direction FAST!

Possible Loan Collection Scam Updated: July 10, 2017

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