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Has anyone had an experience with “The Newest Way To Wealth” MLM program who uses Herbalife products to promote their marketing tools? I am a victim who would like to hear from others like me. I lost over $20,000 and know of other who have lost even more. What has been your experience and how much money have you lost?

I’ve come here to ask for help

I’m starting my own finance blog… AND I WANT TO DO IT THE RIGHT WAY! Who better to ask than people who have been abused by the marketing “System?”
I am a graduate of 2 MLM’s (Amway…and if that wasn’t enough…Excel). I didn’t really make enough to pay my expenses, and was cheated out of many commissions through either not making my minimum or because the “company” only cuts checks for amounts over $10…(I wonder where that $9.95 I earned went to?)
So to make a long story even longer…

I’m looking for constructive input on how to shape this new loan program into something worthwhile for all involved.
So far (And keep in mind this business will not “kick-off” for a cuple of months) I have built the following features into “the plan.”
– NO Products to sell! (It’s a service and consulting business)
– No Monthly Minimums! (Commission Bonus’ paid on all transactions no matter how small)
– 90 day waiting period BEFORE a person may become a rep! (Sorry, people need full-disclosure and need to complete “no cost training” beore they get involved!)
– LIMITED Potential (Yep…I said LIMITED). Bonus’ paid only to the 7th Level and a limit on how “wide” a person can grow! (It really is part-time).
– Representative “MONEY BACK” GUARANTEE or those who do not at least bring in enough to equal their “buy-in.”
– Recruiting of “reps” is limited to pre-existing “clients.”
– Clients share in the profits as well as reps.

– Full disclosure! If you have any positive and worthwhile commnets or suggestions about how to make an lender function so that none get hurt…please email me.
(P.S. Yhis is a service designed for Single, Widowed, or Divorced adults)

I do have an loan request question

I got to this board through several different links, including the webring. If you’ll bear with me, I do have an loan request question. I’m looking at a company that is ADAM Cash, Llc it is not a network/pyramid/etc. company because it has a dual marketing arrangement. Having somewhat thoroughly schooled myself in legal vs illegal pyramids, etc.
ad nauseum, I must admit I’m stumped by this. I just don’t see the difference between this marketing plan and any standard network marketing company compensation plan. They seem to think it’s significant that commission checks come direct from the company. Duh, I thought that was the usual way this was done since the computer era began. And, gee it’s funny, but that magic % out there that seems to be the same top dollar earned by the top directors in any cash loan company, is exactly the same figure with this company. Can anyone on this board shed some light on this “dual marketing” system and what, if any, are the real differences between it and a network marketing company? Or do you know of some links that have helpful info? Thanks so much for your help.